As a Solutions driven company,
it’s all we think about and why it’s in our name…

PLS is dedicated to acquiring top tier talent and technological innovation; investing greatly in human capital and proprietary software solutions that allow for greater consistency and efficiency in managing its fleet of independent carriers and partners.  As a result, we offer competitive pricing and dedicated capacity on a contractual or seasonal basis, thereby operating much like a quasi, asset-based provider.

Although we can still provide traditional brokerage solutions for irregular lane, additional capacity and spot market needs, our technology and dedication to building long–term relationships has helped our customers rethink what it means to work with a logistics firm through our commitment to delivering on our promises, every time.

Since 1998, we’ve been helping our customers safely move and manage their OTR FTL and LTL freight.  Today, we’ve expanded by securing a vast network of partners and resources to handle a suite of additional products and services for our customers worldwide.  Contact us today to discuss the right solution for you.

Whether you are simply looking for a single shipment or you need to manage a more permanent shipping solution, simply click on our rate quote for an immediate response emailed directly to you.

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